Patrick Blandin began his career after working as a young student in the wine and vine sector.

He started by studying wine tasting at the prestigious  EPMT of Paris (The Paris  School for Table Trades), that produces the best sommeliers of Paris and the world such as Alain Gianotti, Philippe Faure-Brac (best world sommelier in 1992), and Olivier Poussier (best world sommelier in 2000). Patrick acquired his Sommelier Diploma and placed as a finalist in the competition for “The Best Young Sommelier of France”.

He left for Bordeaux and Sancerre for a 5-year apprenticeship, learning in the best schools and among renowned professionals. After graduating with several diplomas in viticulture, oenology and quality management, he perfected his training in Oenology by obtaining his Oenologist's National Diploma (Masters of Oenology) in Burgundy. During those years, he worked in Burgandy and the South of France (Languedoc)  with Julien Zernott.

He then went abroad to work as a winemaker and consultant in Turkey, Australia, China and Bhutan.

Patrick returned to France, and after managing the technical aspects of an estate winery he furthered his training in Quality, Health, Safety & Environment by obtaining a Master's Degree of QHSE Management and by working in this business sector for several years. During those years, he created Evos France, worked as a Consultant for La Villa des Chefs (with several Michelin Starred Chefs) and for companies in the Agrifood industry, such as Décors et Créations.

In 2014, he moved to Canada where he worked as viticulturist for Chaberton Estate Winery and established Evos Consulting, providing consulting for many different wineries in the Lower Mainland.  

In 2017, Patrick started working with Andi and Justin to create and develop Cannon Estate Winery.

Patrick Blandin
Viticulturist & Winemaker

Patrick Blandin the viticulturist and winemaker at Cannon Estate Winery
Andi picking grapes during the harvest at Cannon Estate Winery
Cannon Estate Winery branded smoke graphic

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