Estate Grown Wine, Family Owned Vineyard, Crafted in the Heart of the Fraser Valley

Cannon Wine

Elegant, French-Style, Terroir-Focused Wine 
Created for the Connoisseur to Collect and Savor

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two red bottles and one white of Cannon Wines from Mt. Lehman winery

The Wick Wine

Expressive, Social Wine Created
Share With Friends and Loved Ones

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One red and two white wine bottles from The Wick wines at Mt. Lehman in Abbotsford

Cannon Estate Wine Club

Share our passion for wine. Our tiered wine club memberships offer priority access to premium wines made under Cannon and The Wick labels. Enjoy unique dining experiences and exclusive pairing and tasting events hosted at Cannon Estate Winery in Mt. Lehman.

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Andi picking grapes during the harvest at Cannon Estate Winery

Consider booking your wedding at Cannon Estate Winery with 180-degree mountain views in a beautiful vineyard setting


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